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Q.  When does registration open and is it a lottery?

A.  It opens on Nov. 1, 2021.  There is no lottery. It is first-come, first-served.

Q.  Is there a waiting list?

A.  Once capacity is reached at 200, there is no waiting list.

Q.  If I register and decide I cannot do the event, can I defer to the next year?

A.  No. There are no refunds, transfers, or deferrals.

Q.  Is there a bike check-in the night before?

A.  No. This is not like Ironman. Bring your bike and gear the morning of the event and mount it in the designated transition area at Higgins Point on the east side of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Q.  Why do I need a support crew?

A.  Because this race provides little support, athletes are required to have a support crew (at least 1 person) to follow them throughout the event. They help you in transition, provide aid and SAG on the bike, and are with you during the entire marathon.

Q.  Is a support runner required during the run?

A.  Yes. One member of your support team is required to run, at minimum, the last 16 miles of the marathon course with you. He or she could choose to run the whole marathon with you.

Q.  Why do I need a headlamp and some sort of light vest for the run?

A.  Since sunset occurs around 8:00 pm, athletes may be running in complete darkness in the mountains or on the lower route. It mainly so you can see and for safety reasons.

Q.  I live in Canada. Can I use my helmet I bought in Canada?

A.  This is a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event. As long as the bike helmet has a US-CPSC sticker on the inside, you can use it. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a helmet when you arrive in the US.

Q.  Since I am carrying my cell phone, can I play music while I am riding my bike or on the run?

A.  No. It is against USA Triathlon rules to play music during any portion of the event. It will lead to a disqualification if caught.

Q.  I am a really good open water swimmer, especially in cold water. Can I wear my sleeveless wetsuit or go without one?

A.  Maybe. Due to the extreme nature of the event, and potential cold water, a full wetsuit may be required.  Be prepared to wear one. A wetsuit decision will be made a week before the event.